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Is There A Way To Make A Genuine Living From Horse Racing?

Horse Racing is a great sport, and of course its even better if you can follow a few simple rules and pick more winners

When you win, the bookmakers pay you a very handsome return - being the odds PLUS you stake back as well. So if I back a horse at 2/1 - which in decimal odds is 3.0 - then the bookmaker will pay me three times my stake back, as my winnings. Now if you ask me thats not a bad method of making some serious money!

Understanding The Form Of Horses

Have you even sat and wondered what it actually takes for a horse to win in a race?

Many people who watch racing get the impression that the winner is a game of chance - but let me tell you here right now - nothing could be further from the truth

You see most of the horses in the race have no hope of winning whatsoever!

This may come to you as a shocking truth - but the handicap racing system, which makes horses take on extra weight, so that winning is almost impossible, and the many different race conditions that each horse requires - in terms of weight, distance, going, class of race, class of course etc - all this means that there are only a handful of horses - if that - which have any real chance of landing first place

Cracking The Formula

Can you imagine what would happen if you knew the formula that all horses are working to?

Can you imagine how that would give you the edge, when it came to picking the right races to be on?

Most people just dive in and back whatever "they fancy" - but what if you knew a simple way of illiminating most of the field - because todays race, didn't fit their race requirements?

What if you had a simple way of homing in on that one selection that was most likely to win the race?

Now.. Lets Look At A Horses Requirements

Every horse has a set of requirements if it is to have a realistic chance of winning a race. We have already mentioned some of these like weight, going, distance, class of course, class of race etc

But of course the full requirements are more complicated than this - its all a question of comparing todays race with what the horse has achieved in the past

To take a simple example, suppose a race is over 6 furlongs - otherwise known as a sprint

What is the point of backing a horse that has either never run at 6 furlongs - or never finished to a place i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd at 6 furlongs? Can you see that a horses requirements are vital in deciding if a horse is worth backing or not

And you might tell me - "Yes, but it won its last race!" - YES indeed - but what use is a win on a different course, different distance, different going etc in deciding which horse will win this race?

Learning To Find Winners

In my Adobe Acrobat PDF eBook - Learning To Find Winners I explain in detail how to work out which horses in a race have a realistic chance of winning - inspite of the odds - and which have no hope whatsoever, and should be left completely alone

But... The Horse Is A Favourite!

YES - the fact that a horse has been declared favourite by the bookmakers, doesn't mean that is has any better chance of winning than a horse well down the betting forecast!

You see the bookmakers are playing a high risk psychological game - the odds they quote are not necessarily the true odds of a horse winning a race. Instead the odds are a clever way of "bucking the market", and encouragiung people to place bets on horses that have no hope of winning!

I have known horses declared even "hot favourites", at really short odds, which on my information have no chance whatsoever of winning - in fact I have even tipped them to my customers to loose! - meaning they should go and lay the horses as soon as they can! Not surprisingly such horses are well short of the line at the finish - even by as much as 10 lengths behind the winner!

Here's What You Will Learn

Are you ready to get started and learn everything you need to know when chosing the right horse to back in a race?

Do you need to work out the requirements of every horse quickly and easily?

This is what you will learn as you read my ebook:

  • Comparing like with like
  • Reading The Form Book
  • Class of Race
  • Types of Race
  • Handicaps v Non-Handicaps
  • Race Prize Money
  • Win Prize Money
  • Class of Course
  • Course Specialists
  • Flat, Jumps and the All Weather
  • Distances
  • Runners
  • The Draw
  • The Going
  • The Weights Carried
  • Days since a Run
  • Trainers
  • Jockeys and Allowances
  • Lengths Beaten
  • Statistics
  • Systems
  • Recording Results
  • Odds and the Bookies
  • Obtaining Value
  • Staking
  • Place Betting
  • Even more...

You are about to become an instant expert in all these aspects of racing, and you will definately get the edge in deciding which are the best horses to back in a race

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